Custom Cherry Kitchen Progressing Apace

Between time on site and narrow windows for living life, shop time is worked in with pleasure.  Cabinetry for kitchen number one is nearing completion.  Cabinet boxes are complete and taking up plenty of space.  These are 3/4″ birch ply joined with beech tenons, glue and screws- plenty to handle the Vermont slate countertops and whatever else you throw on top.

Image 1

Face frames are done and getting the first coat of finish wipe on.  Our face frames come from a cherry tree cut down about 1/2 mile for the site 3 years ago which has been drying in the barn.  They are all quarter sawn for non-intrusive appearance and maximum stability.  All joinery is tenoned for strength, allowing us relatively narrow frames to maximize drawer space.

Image 5

Drawer and door fronts are joined and in various stages of finishing.  We found some awesome Vermont curly cherry boards at Lathrops maple Supply in Bristol.  We resawed these for the frames and they really pop.  For the panels we used flatsawn cherry from the  tree up the road.  We resawed these so each set of drawers (per cabinet) is bookmatched.  We chose a simple mission style with a flat recessed panel as the wood itself is so beautiful that we didn’t want to distract from it with a coping profile.

Image 2

Drawer boxes are in the midst of joinery.  There are 16 drawers in this kitchen, the smallest of which is 21″ x 22″.  Upper drawers are 4 1/2″ deep, while the lower two in each base are 11″ deep, providing plenty of space for larger items.  For drawer material we found some great cherry edger boards that mix sapwood with heartwood.  Drawers are solid cherry except for 1/2″ plywood bottoms for stability.  All are being mounted with soft-close slides.


Seth can’t wait to get the cabinets done so he can start on the custom barn door slider for the pantry!  That will truly be one of a kind and a great feature in the open floor plan.

As for layout, the kitchen is optimized for an efficient work triangle, many helping hands and easy access to the capacious pantry.  The cabinets will be topped with  Vermont slate and have nestled amid them stainless steel Bosch and Kitchen Aid appliances.  Those who work, play or socialize in this kitchen will do so in full view of the nature outside and the Vermont stone fireplace in the livingroom.

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