First House Foundation Details

IMG_4048 IMG_4049

The foundation for our fall house was completed last week.  A few key decisions were made, including working with the grade for a walk out basement. We felt that for a house this close to the mountain and other recreation, easy access for a tuning room, play room or bar in the downstairs space would be very desirable. Thank you to Andy DiMario Excavating of Fayston for helping us pull off this upgrade with his eye for what can work and what should be done.

We also went ahead and installed radiant tubing in the slab so that if this space is heated for use beyond storage it would be efficient and comfortable.  This was done in short order by another Fayston resident, Marc DiMario, of Sunwood Systems, who will be providing heating and plumbing for all of our properties.

Lastly, we insulated below the slab and between the slab and the walls to ensure a thermal break and set up for interior insulation of the basement space.  The foundation was pressure sealed and we have back filled.  Sills have been installed, as we finalize preparation for the Huntington Home modules to be set next Monday.

Image 8

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