22 Chase Falls/ Lot #4 House Design

We provide an overview of our design and build principles on our concepts page, but as folks inquire about the detailed plans for the homes, I thought I would provide more detail here for our first house in the Chase Falls Subdivision.  Below are the front (South) elevation and floor plans for our first project for people to review at their leisure.  Double click on each image for it to be expanded.

The house is totally custom, designed in a simple contemporary farmhouse style.  Porches are timber framed with local material.  Overhangs are 1′ for our alpine conditions.  Grade will come up to allow for no railings on the front porch, maintaining an open feel and simple lines.  The walkout basement is on the North elevation to preserve the option for a screened porch to be added to the East of the building if so desired by the buyer at some point in time.  It sounds lovely to me!

Chase Falls House #1

The first floor features Vermont slate in a tiled entry with plenty of storage for recreational gear.  The kitchen, dining and living are all entirely open allowing long views throughout the space, optimal visibility of the stone fireplace, and air and light to flow through to the interior.  There is a first floor full bath and study.  The stairway is open to the second floor, including high windows to flood the transition space.  All but the entry will have Vermont maple flooring with Vermont cherry inlay detailing to match the Vermont cherry window and door trim in the common area.  The fireplace will have a   timber mantel, cut from a cherry tree we felled up above Fiddlehead Road in Fayston.

House #1 First Floor

The second floor contains three bedrooms of roughly equivalent size and two full baths, including a private master bath with a glass shower enclosure.  The master bedroom includes a walk in closet.  The laundry is located on this floor where most of the laundry is created- as a mother, I know.

House #1 Second Floor

The basement is to be left unfinished, unless a buyer decides to contract us to finish it to their specification. We have just made investments to ensure that potential uses can be achieved without rework.

Hope you like the design!

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