Modular construction for House #1


We opted to use a modular construction method for house #1.  We have used it before on another project and were so pleased with the pace of the build, its cost effectiveness, the protection of the structure throughout construction (it doesn’t rain in the factory floor!), and the quality of the work completed in the totally controlled environment.  We are using the same builder we did last time, Huntington Homes, Inc. out of East Montpelier and are impressed yet again, with how well they do what they do.

Once again we will have a very tight and square structure built precisely to our design specifications.  Utilizing Huntington Homes supports thinking through every design detail in advance, avoiding cost overruns, miscommunications and costly errors.  It allows us to focus our energies on the work unique to the site, and the onsite interior and exterior finishes that make the difference between generic and inspired.

Our local team of engineer, excavator, concrete contractor, electrician, heating and plumbing and carpentry contractors have partnered with us to get ready for the four modules to arrive- and they have, exactly according to schedule.  The modules will be set on Monday, reinforced and totally dried-in in a matter of days, then our local team will be ready to jump on finish work, starting with parallel tracks of electric and plumbing hookups,  construction of the fireplace, and timber framing the  entry porch.

Coupling a smart modular choice with effective project management and efficient decision-making, this project, just like our others, will be completed faster than countless other builds in the valley- with no compromise in quality or attention to detail.  Watch and see.

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