Exterior Work Nearing Completion

IMG_4272   IMG_4263

As utilities get connected, water, power and phone, things get really churned up.  It can seem as you look at the very rough landscape that everything is in the works and completion is a far way off.  It isn’t, though.  We can feel how close we are to moving the whole crew indoors.  These images are already a far cry from what we see today.


We are down to the final gable end on siding and then it is just porch and deck trim outside for the carpenty crew.  Micheal of Precise Interiors is finishing off his drywall work and will come outside to finish exterior trim as soon as the carpentry crew is ready to tackle stairs, flooring and cherry trim.  Andy DiMario and I will do finish grade after we set the underground propane tank on Monday.  Within a week we will be planting grass and an entry garden of native trees ,   bushes and flowers.

Masonry work has begun indoors and Mike Eramo has already blocked up and through the first floor deck.  Those of us who have seen him and members of his crew build a fireplace before will make a point to be on site to watch that focal point of the great room come into being.  This will be another highlight for the kids watching the project I am sure.


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