Great Room Materials & Colors


Decisions are non-stop when building a house.  When I hear of two year construction projects, two things come to mind: problems with permits and an inability to make quick decisions.  Both can really junk up the works.  I have found it helpful to distinguish between things that can’t get undone, like masonry, and things that can be swapped out or painted over.  Whenever you can acknowledge honestly that it isn’t a forever choice, you breath a little more easily and can make good decisions faster.

While we are leaving some decisions for the homeowner to put their own stamp on this home, we have made decisions to be sure the house will be ready to move into and not require work for the pleasure to begin.  Color choices in bedrooms, for example, will be theirs to make.  However, the great room, with its cherry cabinets and trim, masonry and open stairwell detail, seemed like a place that would benefit from a paint selection, both to avoid a harder cutting in job later and to enjoy the space out of the gate.  In this photo you can see our Unfaded green Vermont slate countertop selection, the variegated slate backsplash choice, a cherry cabinet door from our shop and the wall color pick: Benjamin Moore Dry Sage.  I can’t wait to post the photo of the room when this all comes together.

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