Introducing Post and Beam River House

  SE Elevation3 RH

We have a teaser of the design for the River House for you.  This will be a hard one for us not to move into ourselves, overlooking and partially overhanging a river, such as it will be.

This house is being constructed post and beam with SIPS for energy efficiency and a very rapid build.  It has 3BRs upstairs, 3 baths and a walk in pantry.  The basement is walk out toward the river view with plenty of light for laundry and utility, as well as a separate entertainment space if the buyer so chooses.

Unlike so many odd post and beams in the valley, upstairs rooms will have walls all the way up to cathedral ceilings for the privacy one would want.  The master suite features a glass shower enclosure in the bath and a walk in closet.

Trim detail will be similar to house #1, in that we will have feature Vermont materials in cherry cabinetry, slate countertops and a stone fireplace.  Floors will be maple and cherry where wood and slate where tiled.  The first floor is entirely open excepting the first floor bath and pantry.

This house is only 1680 above grade, so it will be an energy efficient option for those who care about their footprint or just don’t feel they need more space than that!

The photos below show the river below the house, the portion of the deck that will be kept and re-planked and the soon to be slain existing dwelling.

IMG_3939  IMG_3682  IMG_4110  IMG_4123

Bye bye 60s  junk construction!  This moldy beauty comes down this week! As does the dam.  Bank reinforcement will be completed this week, as soon as all obstacles are out of the way.


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