Electrical rough-in, windows and exterior trim @ 70 Chase Falls


It is not easy to capture progress in nice photos when it is in the interior rough-in phase and when it isn’t sunny.  If I don’t care to look at the photos, then odds are that you won’t either.  We do want to keep folks in the loop who aren’t lucky enough to have digs up here yet though, so here are a few photos to clue you into progress.

IMG_4750  IMG_4756

Progress since our last update was completion of all the interior walls and cutting of window and door rough openings.  With all that completed, the electricians could do their rough-in work, which is all completed now.  With their work done, we were able to install all the windows and doors- minus the front door which will be built by Seth in the shop soon.

IMG_4755  IMG_4790

Now the plumbers are in the building. Here is Marc Dimario, in the process of bringing in all the piping supplies on a lovely snowy day.


On that same day, while the guys toiled, I went for a snowshoe on the trails across the Chase Brook and took a little break to snap this photo from the opposite bank.


Tis the season and couldn’t resist some photos of humans, so . . .


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