70 Chase Falls Deck Progress, Shingles, Trim & Flashing Detail


While we have a lot more work to do on the approximately 600 sq ft deck, the new structure is taking shape.  We have added two steps in two locations to lower it toward the top of the Chase Brook bank.  We have added hollowed posts which will hold the cable rail system for minimal view obstruction and LED light tape for illumination.  Another structural element yet to be seen is the entire chimney, which will be clad with the real stone used on the fireplace at 22 chase Falls Rd, and will run up this elevation of the building between the two upstairs windows seen here.  With all these details, the deck will surely be a fantastic feature of this home.


The devil is in the details here, with curves on integrated steps,  at every corner and around the tree, of course.


This shot is only good when you double click and expand it.  Then it gives you a real sense of the unique setting of this totally custom post and beam home.

Below you get to see more of the attention to detail.  Miratec trim with two coats of paint and back and end-primed, is capped off with copper flashing.  White cedar shingles are factory stained and hand-nailed. I am very eager to see this detail out front, but they started in the back to get that challenging work overhanging the brook out of the way.  Siding detail below the water table is undecided.  We may go clapboard, shingles or board and batten.  I am waiting until everything else is done to finalize this decision.

IMG_0103  IMG_0102

I let interior utility and views dominate this elevation and you can see why when you walk in this house.  However,  I still want to visually break up the three floors that include the walk out basement facing the brook. This had been accomplished with a deck, but the resulting darkness and view obstruction seriously undermined the quality of interior spaces.  Changing siding detail and incorporating plantings seems a much more desirable option with no such tradeoff for the basement or first floor views.

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