Stone and Plaster- The finer details

Given the enthusiasm for the masonry at 22 Chase Falls Road, we expect the final unveiling of the exterior chimney at 80 Chase Falls to be very high impact.  The chimney is now all the way up through the roof,  flashed and getting built up beyond the peak.  It will get cleaned up and all the tenting will come down next week.  We will be out in Utah, so if you catch a first glimpse, take a photo, send it to me!

We are saving shots of the fireplace complete with mantel for when all the first floor plasterwork is completed.  In the meantime, you can check out the firebox and arch.  Nicely done, as always, by Mike Eramo Masonry.

IMG_4863  photo


Another awesome detail we haven’t had in any of our Vermont houses but have here is plaster.  The finish, the subtle changes in color, the light texture and the hard finish is totally superior to drywall.  This work is something I so enjoy seeing done well, as it is here, and I hope those who come through and, ultimately, a homeowner, appreciates this attention to quality craftsmanship.

photo IMG_4892 photo

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