About Fayston Local


Fayston Local is about a four-lot residential development in Fayston, VT.  Primary residents of Fayston for 10 years and enjoying it as mountain enthusiasts for 16 years, we felt Fayston was a great place to build some more quality housing.

Fayston is a town few seem to even know about and yet we have a top-ranked elementary school in Vermont.  It is home to Mount Ellen, Mad River Glen, The Green Mountain Valley School, The GMVS/Sugarbush Ski Club and an extensive network of hiking trails from easy to advanced, lush to extravagant.  In Fayston, one can enjoy countless private vistas and glens and the extended community that comes from  being part of the  Mad River Valley.

One thing it does lack, though, besides big city lights, is enough quality housing.  Gorgeous, large homes sell for top dollar.  Smaller, more affordable homes get snapped up at speed, leaving many in a holding pattern trying to find something to stay in Fayston or move here.

To this project we bring a wide range of design and building experience in residential construction.  We have used a variety of construction methods and on each path have routinely finished projects under budget with happy results.  The same skills we used to build our careers in high technology and health care consulting, project management, effective communication and collaboration, and dedication to quality and efficiency, enable us to build homes to specification on budget.  This is our second subdivision here in Fayston and it will include four midsized homes with a lot of extras at reasonable prices.  The price range will be between $385,000 and $545,000 and each will include local elements and design, open floor plans, surprising quality and space to entertain.  (More on that on our Design Principles page.)

If you are looking, or know someone who is, we hope you will enjoy and share this casual blog about building four new homes in the front yard of Sugarbush Resort’s Mt. Ellen.   It will be a means to learn about what we are building and get updates on progress.

Our first home, 22 Chase Falls Road, sold for $405,000 in June.  The second home, 70 Chase Falls Road, sold for $510,000 in December.

Local Notions, LLC    *    Seth Henry & Heidi Spear     *     (508)344-4959     *    hshenry@gmavt.net

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