Design Principles

  • All of our residential construction is not-too-big, thoughtfully designed to provide flowing space at a human scale.
  • Our layouts facilitate life with kids and guests- life as many of us experience it here in recreation central.
  • We utilize Vermont materials, and whenever possible Fayston materials, that connect our homes to their environment.
  • Materials  include Vermont maple and cherry hardwood flooring, cabinets and trim, Vermont slate flooring and stone fireplaces, and local timbers for framing detail.
  • We exploit natural light and airflow, including windows in two directions in every room possible.
  • Other key materials and appliances are selected based on the following priorities: reduced maintenance, improved efficiency and keeping total costs in an accessible range.
  • Whenever there is a choice between form and function, we opt for function so long as it is still beautiful.
  • We don’t do junk, ugly or anything we wouldn’t want to live in.
  • We don’t cut corners.

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