Our Team

One can’t get much done without a good team.

For our community construction in Fayston, VT, we have assembled a team of proven entities, who have demonstrated competence, team work, communication skills, foresight, reasonableness, follow through and follow up.  Any and all of these qualities are often in short supply in construction- many of us have experience with this frustration of building- but settling is a terrible mistake.  If you work diligently to find those who share your values and treat well the exceptional people who hold themselves to a higher standard, you will have a team that gets the best job done efficiently.  This is what we have.  For those who have a website, a link is provided.

Excavator- Andy DiMario:  Andy is a resident of Fayston and a reliable, skilled excavator who will never hesitate to tell you when you are being an idiot.  We find this very endearing and constructive.  He is a man of few words but consistently wise counsel.  If you want to get him talking, say something really provocative like, “if we can’t see it, why does it matter?”

Concrete Contractor- Haskins & Sons Concrete:  Jerry Haskins is based in Waterbury, VT and does a significant portion of foundation work in our area.  We can see why.  He is responsive, works within the schedule and does a beautiful job.  Did you see the slab in House #1?  Yes, concrete can be beautiful, as well as structural.

Electrician- Kevin Collins: Kevin is a resident of Waitsfield and he was introduced to us by Huntington Homes, Inc. and we consider him an incredible find.  He is timely and professional.  Not only can you rely on him to do the work required, but he will communicate around the schedule with the entire team, so things can be done without delay and without being left to wonder when, exactly.  The man texts!  Do you have an electrician that texts?

Heating & Plumbing- Sunwood Systems: Marc DiMario is a fellow Fayston resident and a top quality resource.  He takes the time to help sort through priorities, sift through options and develop a plan that best suits the job.  He executes without delay and consistently responds to communication.  He isn’t dismissive of desires to reduce our footprint and build sustainably.  He is an ally in meeting priorities established.  Marc  worked with us on our own house and delivered me my second favorite feature of the our house- our Tarm wood boiler.  I am not exaggerating, I LOVE my boiler.

General Carpentry & Plaster Contractor- Smidt Construction: Sid Smidt is a Fayston resident and straight-up guy with an experienced crew.  He is one of the rare carpenters who can actually bid work, complete it to specifications and manage to be pleasant all the while.  We are happy we came across him when he joined the team to do the plasterwork at 80 Chase Falls Road.  He is the only one skilled in this work in Vermont that we have found.

Carpentry- Mad River Building & Design: Kevin Wry, another Fayston local, has worked with us on more than a handful of projects now.  The man knows how things need to be done and he keeps the big picture in mind.  He is a longtime public servant and he kicks the butts of kids 30 years his junior in the bumps.

Modular Construction- Huntington Homes: The Huntington team out of East Montpelier, VT has building down to a science.  They save you time, money, risk and exposure to the elements when you have a design that leverages what they can build on the factory floor.  It is always a pleasure to work with them and experience the magic of the structure coming together in front of your eyes, just as you specified it, in a single day.  For kids- it competes with Minecraft!

Masonry- Mike Eramo Masonry: Mike and his team are based in nearby Granville, VT and they build the most amazing things in stone.  Truly, they are craftsman.  They help you see the full potential of a job and make it their business to make your project as beautiful as it can be.  Their work is a joy to look at and I strongly recommend a visit to their website.  If this site were filled with fantasy projects with no budget constraints, there would be a whole lot more of their work featured here.  Still, we include it where we can and give each home the high impact connection to the outside that so many of us seek and value.

Post and Beam Construction- Sills Post and Beam: Dave Sills is out of Cambridge, VT but he is in our neck of the woods throughout the ski season as a ski patroller.  When the snow isn’t deep enough to play in, he builds post and beam homes to the great satisfaction of his client.  Fortunately for us, he doesn’t think that post and beam should only be accessible to the most affluent among us.  He helps design efficient structures that leverage and feature this age old construction method- without breaking the bank.

Painting- Precise Interiors: Michael Pierce of Moretown is precise in his painting and other finishes, but he is also precise in care and tending of the customer.  I wish I found him earlier, but I am grateful for his work on our own homes and these newest additions in Fayston.

Insulation & Drywall- East Shore Drywall has provided us with all our drywall and insulation needs.  We are happy customers.

Fresh Air Exchange Systems- Memphremagog provided us with our own home system and the system for the 70 Chase Falls System.  Post and Beams surely need such systems and David Hansen is the go-to expert in our area.

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